First of Many

Thanks for joining me,

Here is the blog most of my friends have heard me talk about for over the past year. “Guys I need to start a blog, so that people will feel better about their life because things happen in my life that doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

But this blog will be all over the place just like my life. I want to talk about things that happen to me on a weekly basis, wedding planning because Y’ALL I GET TO MARRY KEATON and just life. Clearly what a blog is about. Why post it here and not on FB or Twitter because everyone doesn’t need that in their news feed. I talk too much about Keaton, take too many pictures of our dog and tweet about bad drivers.

Here I want you to feel at home like you have a friend!

So sit back, subscribe and ohhschmidthappens is happening.

ps thanks to my twitter poll this is why I started it this week. Twitter followers all 300 of you are the real mvp. HAHA just the 14-15 that voted.

with love,


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