100% is how much you should give every relationship! (Friends, family, pets anything that can hold a relationship)

But sometimes we are all SO busy we only can give 20 percent! We are tired, you worked 12 hours for 4 days straight then you put in 60/ 70 hours in the week! You’re are EXHAUSTED! You need to shower, shave your legs (that’s like a chore okay guys) cook food so you have lunches, do the dishes, dust, clean the counters, feed the dog, mow the yard, clean out your car that you practically have lived in all week. The list could go on but you get the point!

I work a lot! Because I enjoy the hustle and I’m better when I’m busy then when I have just a 40 hour work week! Keaton works a lot because 40 hours is like part time for him as well! Its just who we are and how we are raised!

So why do you have to do it all yourself!? You don’t! This is where 80 percent comes in…

I only have 20 to give and Keaton gives 80! He does the dishes, he vacuums (babysitting the roomba is a chore), he mows the yard he cooks himself dinner (appreciate it) he makes sure the dog has food and water! He does the laundry! Washer, dryer and in the basket (I’ll take it)! He changes my oil!

Keaton has 20 I give 80, cook him lunches for the next couple days/ nights! Make his coffee before he goes to work. Even if he has to be up at 5 and I can sleep in! Set his clothes out so when he gets out the shower he has to get dressed, grab his lunch pal and coffee that’s sitting by the door so he can go to work! Plug his phone in if he fell asleep before he could get to it! Set 3 alarms on my phone just in case he forgot before he fell asleep!

Then it’s back to 50/50 on every other Sunday! Why every other Sunday because our schedules are that crazy!

He gets it when I’m exhausted he pops on the grinch during Christmas time so I can fall asleep! He says me I love you texts when I’m just about to go crazy! He is there for a hug when I get home and I can sink my head into his chest! Because he is reallly tall!

“The hardest thing in life is raising kids and maintaining relationships” -Cori “Mama Bear” Griffiths

I’m there with a Jameson on the rocks in the fridge when Keaton gets home, food on the table and a towel hanging on the shower door!

You have to be there for the other person no matter what! It’s not always about you and your needs! Did the other one have a worse day then you!? Did the other one have a better day then you!? If so focus on the positives and lean on each other when you can’t lean on yourself!

Some people say I cater to Keaton too much! He has it made! Keaton caters to me and I have it made! Soooo schmidt’n sorry, I’m not sorry!

I’ll do 95/5 if need be! We have each other for a reason! We have each other for the bad days and the good days!

We have each other when we cook a frozen pizza for dinner and a can of beer!

We have each other for when we cook ourself a a T-Bone, potatoes and no vegetable or fruit because we are adults. Also, beer is a vegetable most days!

No matter the week or how busy each one is! Make sure your significant others mental stability is in check! We are all so fragile in our hearts and our minds! Make sure you are a shoulder to lean on in time of need! Or In time of excitement!

This goes for friendships to! I got my girls back and they got mine! We don’t talk for a couple days! Don’t worry we still care for each other and will drop something in a heart beat to be there for one another!

No one is perfect.

With 100% love,


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