I’m at the tire shop right now, dropped Roper off at the beauty parlor!

They are 3 short staffed at the tire shop but my tire needs fixed, so I shall wait!

But what I wanted to talk about is shaving our dog! I’m tired of someone telling me not to shave Roper!

Imagine having a jacket on that’s 3 pounds and you have a padlock on it and someone has the key! It’s 101 degrees out and you have a pool you can jump in but you go to the shed to be cooled off. You are painting 24/7 because you’re always hot! That to me is how Roper feels! His coat is HEAVY it’s THICK and it’s fricken hotter then a mother out there!

So every May we shave Roper! Roper goes from wanting to stay where there is shade but it’s still HOT! After I pick Roper up after he gets his hair buzzed off he is SMILING! He is a happy camper! He is a totally different dog! He LOVES it! He will be with me inside and his outside time will be controlled until his skin gets used to the sun!

It’s easier to find ticks on him after he is shaved he is so hot that ticks just find home in him! Not matter if I keep on his flee and tick or not! Imagine bugs just hanging in your coat and you can’t get them from your back side! You WOULD HATE IT!

I’m the palest skinned person you would meet so I know how and to care for my dog when it comes to his freshly shaved body! When I’m done in the sun so is Roper! 5 min tops! Such a winter person!

HE IS OUR DOG! We will SHAVE HIM, we will feed him all the treats and I’ll be damned if someone tells me I Shouldn’t shave him because Australian Shepard’s have 2 costs to keep them cool! Well this isn’t working for him!

I’m tired of seeing him pant to keep himself cool, I’m tired of him having ticks that I can’t find even if I check him everyday!


Don’t shave your dog I don’t care and don’t care that I shave mine! Roper is a Happy Puppers after he is shaved and if that’s what it takes to make him love the summer heat then so be it! Tell me, show me research, show me the same picture that everyone shows me! THIS GIRL DONT CARE!

My groomer does a great job (Rub a Dub Dog), she shaved so many Australian Shepard’s! And I took him a day early then I schedule because I was too on top of it! She still squeezed me in!

MORAL OF THE STORY! I’ll shave my dog and you can let yours be miserable! I will have a happy, go lucky Roper and you do you!

Before picture,

After to come when I pick him up!

See this is such and difference and I love it!!!!

Update! Roper held my hand (he puts his paw up I grab it and we hold paw-hands) on the way back to work after I picked him up!

I will shave MY dog and you can not shave YOURS!

With love

-Roper’s Mom

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