Summer as an Adult

Over this past weekend I have thought to myself as I look at my fully booked calendar, I just want a weekend off next month to enjoy summer!

As a kid we got to just enjoy Summer all day everyday Monday through Sunday! Watch Wheel of Fortune with Bob Barker! but most of all going out side to play with the neighbors! My parents bought a blue cow tank and that was our swimming pool! It was the best memories I could ever have as a kid!

But as an adult I work Monday through Sunday! I try to balance my schedule so I can get a weekend off with Keaton to enjoy outdoors!

That was this weekend! We got to hang with Marcus and Kayla and ride the river! Which is ALWAYS a good time! But I want to do more of that and actually get to hang with my friends outside during the summer!

Balance, balance, balance!

So if you need me one weekend out of the month it will probably be booked with outdoor activities!!

July is going to busy with work but I am determined to make me time, friend time and fiancé time!!

Adulting sucks!

So schmidtn’ tired


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