A Photographer

Is someone more then a person who stand behind the camera, hits the button and edits your photos!

Our photographer and I’m so blessed to have choose her, to have her accept the change of day because the second we got engaged I started booking people who I have been looking at for a while! Only to change the day from 2019 to 2018! It’s a huge difference, trust me.

We are the last wedding for most of our vendors if you will! But our photographer let me tell you…

I was nervous and I could tell Keaton was too! We get to Susanna’s studio where we talk about the wedding day and man I just felt so much more at ease with knowing she will be there on our big day to get all the photos that I want!

We took engagement photos for I kid you not 4 hours straight! She came to the farm and just coached us into a perfect picture! Let’s face it, Keaton and I can selfie but we can not do professional pictures. She was on the ground laying down, she was on a stool, she was HOT, we were HOT, she handled Roper! She even lost an earring! But man we got those pictures back and I am so thankful for her! I mean… this one

Like how perfect is that… oh and this one..

But then this one

One more for good measure

I swear last one

She just made us feel comfortable in the most uncomfortable position to get a great angle and we got our pictures back and I said take my money!

Find yourself someone like Susanna who does everything right and just lets you be you! Even comes out to the farm on the hottest day in May!

Thank you for being our photographer,

📷: Creative Images

With Love,

Soon to be Schmidts!!!!

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