Too Happy 2 Give a Schmidt

There is so many ways I wanted to start this post, but honestly there are no words or quotes to explain how I feel about Keaton. 2 whole years…. let me tell you how fast these years have gone!!! The best 2 years of my life! I have been blessed with Keaton! (#BlessedforKeaton) He makes me feel at ease when I’m a wreck, he makes my sadness into happiness! I couldn’t imagine marrying someone who is humble, kind and would give you a helping hand when he has been stretched too thin. Props to Sabra & Rick for raising a man!

I don’t think I could love someone so much! But I love you more Keaton! Thank you for allowing me to be a brat, to cry when I see a sad commercial and further more be myself! Thank you for loving me at my worst! Thank you for eating my cooking when it’s bad! Thank you for making me coffee in the morning! thank you for keeping my secrets because you forget them! Thank you for being my beer drinking partner! A great dog dad and further more my future husband!

If someone asks me how do you know he is the one, you guys haven’t dated that long. the cliche thing to say is “you know”. The truth is you just know! I know I want him to be my forever the one that I can cry to, the one I can share the happy times and most of all the perfect man to be the father to our children (eventually!)

Back in high school, I took a class! we were told to write Down what we wanted in a man. Being the high schooler I was the first 2 things I put was blonde hair and blue eyes! It I also put treats me like a princess! He needs to be hard working! Hinted he needs to be a farm boy! He needs to be a family man!

Boy did I get what I wanted and more! He is my everything! I couldn’t thank God enough for putting Keaton into my life!

Here is to year 2! Here is to December 1st! Here is to our family and friends who will be there to celebrate our big day! Here is to everyone who have been there for Keaton and I! Here is to our future where ever it takes us! Here is to us!


I want you to know I appreciate everything you do for me! Thank you for being my best friend the one I fall asleep to at night and the one that makes my mornings brighter (because I’m a grump) thank you for putting me in my place! Thank you for always making me laugh! Thank you for loving me when I’m not the most lovable! Thank you for finishing my food and beer when I can’t! Thank you for always being my rock.

I love you more,

Your Bride!

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