When I was little and my parents told me, Jen and I were going to Grandpa and Grandmas…. I would back a suitcase. You read that right. I would put the toys I thought I was going to need (even though grandma and grandpa’s had all the toys we would need) clothes and any off the wall item that might come in handy.

We went on vacation and I packed sooooooo much stuff I had to put some stuff into Mom or Dad’s suitcase so mine wasn’t over weight.

I had stuff with me at all times. It carried over into my adult life…..

It took me till this year.. 25 years later to not pack items I probably wouldn’t need. It’s hard as a lady, you need 2 pairs of shoes, 2 jackets (1 hoodie; 1 nice jacket) dark jeans, light jeans, nice top, long sleeve, short sleeve, t-shirt, shorts, sports bra, underwear for every day and an extra pair, nice bra, sports bra, sandals (nice pair, not nice pair), tennis shoes in case we go on a walk, 2 swim suits because you like this bottom and that top but you need options a cover up because the one you have doesn’t match both so you need 2 different ones. DON’T GET ME STARTED ON BEAUTY SUPPLIES… So how many days would you say I needed this for.. WRONG 2 days.. this is what I would pack for 2 days.

Ridiculous?? …. ABSOLUTELY.

Now I can pack one bag for Keaton and I for 2 days… YOU READ THAT. I now SHARE a bag with someone else for a 2 day trip. Huge step in my mind of how to stop with the stuff.

I started to read a book on how to become a minimalist and let me tell you I won’t be able to go all out but I will do my best to not accumulate more shit. I also read the less stuff you have, the better you take care of it. That you are more at ease when you walk into a room that has less clutter. That you can easily find things that you need. That you spend less time cleaning (DOWN FOR THAT ONE). That you have more money (GIRL I’M LISTENING). They say when you have less stuff and you want it to keep it that way you stop buying things you don’t need. So that cute little chicken I bought earlier this summer because of the simple fact that he was cute. I didn’t know where I was going to put it, but spend $5 on him. (he is in my living room) You stop buying all this things you don’t need. Let’s see if I have more money after this too.

I will tell you friends, I need to simplify my life. Starting with my phone. I need to not be so double chin deep in my phone. Delete apps so I can focus on my house that has STUFF that I don’t look at because I’m on my phone. I have a closet full of stuff that needs to be sorted through and organized. I have a basement with STUFF. I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF, THE STUFF IS MAKING MY HEAD SPIN.

I am telling you this so that way you hold me accountable for being in the moment. Accountable for simplifying my life. Call this a mid-mid-life crisis if you will.

I just need to find it in me to get rid of stuff, not be consumed by material items, just the time I spend with family and friends. I want to know who has done some minimize of their own, how you stay organized or tips on how you narrowed your junk to no more junk. Just valued items.




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