Update on Downsizing

Minimizing has commenced and I set goals and I want to CRUSH them! In hopes of motivating you to declutter so you are stress free (less stressed in some cases, mine) and can be able to live more with less!

I started with my phone! It’s in my hand and it’s a goal I could reach and feel accomplished! I’m on my phone more then I care to admit! I use it for work, entertainment and communication! I had HAD 98 apps! Ummmm WHAT THE WHAT! So I told my self to get it down to 50 and I use minimum 28 apps a day! Half of them are from apple so I told myself it’s 50 apps that I had to download I could keep! I DID IT!

My other goal was my bathroom! I had shit everywhere, expired makeup, trash and a wig for a Barbie because of all the hair I pulled out of drawers (g-r-o-s-s)! It helped a lot Keaton bought me a new toilet! Nothing says adulthood about getting excited about a new porcelain thrown! I did it! I got rid of HALF my jewelry! I got rid of old make up, make up I didn’t wear and just crap in the drawer where my every day make up goes! I did it! (Waiting for drawer organizer to show up and the bathroom is DONE!

These are the 2 problem drawers that I need to tackle yet! But BOY DOES THIS FEEL GREAT!

Spare bedroom closet aka closet #2 for me! Yes I had 2 FULL closets and 2 dressers! Why!? WHY!? So I told my self one closet and half the dresser! I used to hang up all my T-shirt’s! So my goal was half the T-shirt’s got to stay! TAKE THAT GOAL BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF THE TSHIRTS WENT! 1/2 my shoes and a couple “nice tops” left the building! I DID IT! I, Brooke have 1 closet! If from here on out doesn’t fit it can’t stay! Soooo here is to a shopping habit of buying when I’m stressed,out the door!

The next goal was the spare bedroom junk closet! (The picture in my first blog post about minimalist) I took it down stairs to put it in the storage room with the decorations! It was a lot to do in one day! I was mentally done! I want to get a label maker and I think my ambition for the project with seek itself to finish the job! But I got it down stairs and half organized! The story is yet to continue on this one!

The kitchen is the next project!!!! I organized and sifted through spices, canned goods and the easy stuff! Got the junk drawer organized so I feel as if I have half the job left. I did this while I was cooking! So I feel as if that’s my way of getting the kitchen organized is when I cook! I think that will really help save me time and feel like I’m not wasting time I could be outside or with Keaton and Roper!!

I did all of this Saturday & Sunday! So you are little behind the times but cleaning and then blogging about it is a task in itself!

I feel great about what I got accomplished but I have a long ways to go! So if you are doing the same tell me things that you organized, decluttered or thrown out that I’m missing or haven’t thought of!!!

My goal is to have my house decluttered and deep cleaned by August 31st!

I believe that I am 50% complete with project declutter!


-Schmidt Yeahhhhhh!!!

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