WARNING this is a long one but if you want motivation and you want to make changes in your little world, READ THIS. I promise you if you take one thing away from this post I will be SO happy and want to motivate you to do better and live better! So just read… while your on the John because Multi Tasking is my MIDDLE name.

I have been on a kick and I hope it stays because I think I could benefit from it a lot! Now I have been watching youtube while I cook, clean and get ready in the mornings or when I shower. MULTI TASK PEOPLE! But I have been watching people clean their own house and make their own budget. SHOOT I even watch people  video tape what they got from the store and how much, how they organize it and the whole thing. Call me crazy but this has motivated me to be more money conscious, plan better and even keep the house cleaner.

So things that I have been practicing and applying:

Minimizing: Blog after blog I have told you that I was getting rid of A LOT of crap that I don’t need. I have less clothes to clean, less clutter to pick up and everything has a HOME! It’s beyond rewarding to de-clutter.. That is step one.

Organizing: After getting rid of half my closet, putting things in their homes because I have ROOM for things to have a home and not just shoved in places! I have been able to have a place to put things when I go to clean and de-clutter daily. Perks of Organizing: Every thing… I mean EVERYTHING is easier to find. I know what I have and don’t have. Things I need to put on a list to get. I spend less time looking for things. I spend less time CLEANING things and that was the goal. If you haven’t read my post about go and it will fill you in on that.

Morning routine: I fortunately don’t HAVE to be to work till 10 but sometimes I go at 9 just depends on the day. Since I work at the bar part time I don’t have time after work to cook, clean, organize or grocery shop. But what I DO have is time in the mornings to get up and do a morning clean here and there. Perks to a morning routine: More time with Keaton, because we are relaxed when we come home to a clean home we don’t have to pick up or do a chore when we get home we can veg out on the couch after dinner and dishes are done and have 2 hours to ourselves. I feel more productive through out my day at work because I’m not sitting there thinking oh I should clean this or pick up that and it’s waitttting for me when I walk through that door. I even feel in the mood to clean at work because my house is clean I don’t feel like I’m only cleaning my work space. I feel so much more relaxed and at home.

Planning: I plan my weeks ahead for both Keaton and I. We share a calendar on our phones. So when he has something that is planned he puts it in the calendar so we don’t over book ourselves. He can put something in on his phone and it shows right up to mine. Perks of Planning:  We limit the amount of times he asks me or I ask him the plan for the week or what he is planning on doing. Let’s be honest when he is hanging with the guys I want to be cleaning or cooking because I get a LOT done when he isn’t home. We don’t over book ourselves and we even plan date night so we set aside us time where we don’t have to cook and we can just enjoy each other.

Budgeting: MONEY. Oh man does it stress you out. You have it and then it’s gone. Planning  this wedding has been a real eye opener that Brooke just sees shiney things and buys them and that’s not okay. Between the truck breaking down, the wedding saving, us wanting to have fun and wanting a new toy. We can’t do it all. So I love to plan things out. I don’t always stick with the plan so I made a “over half way done with the year, new years resolution’s list”. Because we all should always have goals, dreams and things to strive for that keep us motivated. One of my goals was to save xx.xx amount for the wedding till the wedding and it’s very obtainable if I spend and save like a BOSS.

Budget things I have been putting into place:

Grocery budget: If you have ever been to my house you know that I can either whip something together or you can find yourself a snack and you will NEVER go hungry at the Schmidt’s. So I have been following the rule of Jordan Page.. If you don’t know her find her on Youtube she will change YOUR life. But the rule is 100 dollars, per person, per month. The means if you have a family of 4 for you have a $400 grocery budget. Now if you know my fiance he is a T-Bone kinda guy.. THAT won’t fit in the budget and that’s something he doesn’t want to part with so I will spluge in that aspect and cut corners else where. Now if you think that’s not even ideal for me. Mrs. Page has 5 kids, her husband and one on the way. So if she can do it… WE CAN TOO! She says that if you are a family of 2 (Keaton and I) $250 is a good start to the budget. I have over spent on our ideal grocery budget by double sometimes TRIPLE the amount I should spend. Hear me out we live in the country the closest place to grab something is 10 mins away and it’s expensive so if I have it on hand I can make food at home. It just makes sense to stock up. But I have learned with this budget I still can stock up. Grocery budget perks: This is going to be a short perk list but it’s a lot if you really think about it. MORE MONEY TO SPEND ELSE WHERE! I LOVE food so this is hard for me to limit. But I am more creative with dinner and how I can stretch my DOLLAS!

Spending Freeze: J.Page coming in hot again. I love this lady. But a spending freeze, let me elaborate but keep it short. Spending freeze week is when you have $25 (depending on family size, 25-50) is the goal to spend that week. 7 days- it can be from Wednesday to Wednesday if it needs to be, you could start today (You should try it). You have $25 for groceries, milk, bread, eggs, fresh veggies/fruits and those things or something you need for a recipe that you don’t have in your pantry. If you have a baby and need diapers and formula do NOT not get them because you are on a spending freeze keep those babes alive please. Perks of a spending freeze: Save money on things you DO NOT need. Use up goods in the pantry that you won’t let expire. Get creative while you cook. Focus on other things so you don’t spend money. Get a friend to do it with you so you can hold each other accountable (Abbi is my friend that is doing it with me and we survived one day so far). I think it’s going to help me a lot if I do it once a month. I think I can save a LOT more money in the long run over time.

Meal Prepping: This one is hard both Keaton and I have 2 jobs (weddings are expensive) But we don’t have much time to cook so we often eat out and during spending freeze week we can’t spend money on $8.00 meal at a fast food place. So I prepared for this because on Sunday I cooked us lunches and Keaton dinner since I worked at the bar on that Monday. If it’s not able to be put in the microwave the chances of Keaton cooking it are slim to none. It’s just not his thing and that’s okay because I LOVE to cook. Then I will meal prep for the both of us. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner or if we don’t eat breakfast we will want a snack or something and then that’s when we fail at not spending money on things we already have. Perks of meal prepping: I don’t have to leave work for food. I save average of $26 a week. Then making coffee at home I can make a latte at home for half the price. Is it the same, NO it’s not but I make it taste good (barista life). Ever eat so much of fast food that no fast food sounds good. I get an upset stomach, my acne flairs up and I just feel yucky all the time. Tooting my own horn but I cook some bomb meals so I’m okay with all of this.

Making Lists: I am a list person. I have lists and lists and lists and did I say I have lists. The one thing that I struggled with lists are I have them I lose them…. I find them MONTHS. Guys, I’m not kidding when I SAY MONTHS later. J.Page tells me to keep them on my phone it will change my life. THIS WOMAN has CHANGED MY DAMN LIFE! Along with Britt because she uses the reminders on her iPhone to keep things to get accomplished right there and she is my gal when it comes to be productive and organized and clean (kinda hate her because her house is ALWAYS clean and she is busier then I am). So I combined that together. I keep lists in the notes and the reminders.

Reminder Lists

  • Grocery List
  • Things to get organized lists. So when I’m bored I always have something to do (that’s productive)
  • Work lists, things that I need to get accomplished at work because I will forget
  • Prayer list: so on my way to work I say a prayer for everything on my prayer list that  week ! MULTI TASK PEOPLE!!!!
  • Wedding Things: because 95 days is crunch time people!


  • Wedding Budget
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Lists from 2014 sooooo there is that
  • Goals (always have these on a piece of paper in my purse)

I told you I’m a list person. But the grocery list is nice because I often leave the piece of paper in the truck and forget to bring it in so I forget half the stuff and buy things I do not need and it keeps me on budget! I don’t need to list out the perks because you all know that you can see what I love about lists and how the benefit me.

Time Management: because I manage my time better. I have time to lay in bed and write this blog post because I don’t feel guilty for writing a blog. But I can write a blog and not think I could be cleaning or cooking and doing something but instead I’m going to write how much I love Keaton. Perks: I get a lot more done in the day and have more time to do fun stuff! Like blog, watch Youtube( we don’t have cable this is my cheap/free entertainment), play with Roper, spend time with Keaton. Play with makeup. Chat with my friends. Hang out with friends & family. Just being outside enjoying the weather and over all feeling at peace mentally.

Over all my “over half way done with the year, new years resolution’s list” is making me more at financial peace, metal peace and finally feel like I have my Schmidt together.

My hopes is that this post inspires you to give your best in this life. Do things that make you happy and be less stressed.

With all the Schmidt’n love,


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