it’s been a Hot Minute

It’s been 7 months since I have blogged. I MISSED YOU GUYS!

This is going to take more then 1 blog. More then 2. Buckle in because April it’s going to be SHOWERING with blogs. (well that’s a goal, now it’s public so hold me to it!)

First off the last I blogged about was probably wedding related or me trying to get my life too together well SCHMIDT has happened since then.

We got Married (still cry tears of joy thinking about it). Got another dog (RJ who is part rabbit we are convinced). Got debt free (besides 1 vehicle). We are making changes in our lives. (slowly but surely)

That was the brief and now we are 3 months almost 4 into 2019 and let me tell you it’s not going to slow down. That means my new years resolutions are not where I want them to be. This year 2019 is the year of ME… ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME! Now I know what you are thinking… Brooke you just got married and now you are making it all about you. Alright LISTEN HERE FRIENDS. I know I am married and we worked our little booties off to get to where we are now. Are we even close to our goal as a unit, couple, family!? NO… but boy we are closer to our goals then Jan 1st!

Now I had A LIST of Goals …. more then Keaton’s hun-ayyy to do list! Some of those included Keaton. Most of them did not. Why? because I need to be better mentally, emotionally and physically. I was once an avid gym rat. I was built and I was proud. I am a potato at this point in time. Probably because I like potatoes too much. I could tell you my list and you would get over whelmed because a lot of the goals were layered and I had to do phase 1 to get to Phase 2 to get to goal 2 or 3. Probably more because why make things easy on myself. I have researched ways to make goals effective and I am working on the baby steps.


phase 1: SAY NO

step 1: Say no to things that stretch me for time, more then I am already stretched for time (legit everyone is stretched for time because we stretch ourselves too thin)

step 2: Say no to things my heart isn’t fully invested in. (I’ll touch on this is later) Saying no to things that leave you emotionally torn is hard. It is hard to doing things that your heart and mind don’t agree on.

step 3: Say no to things that leave me unproductive. THIS ONE IS HARD. Like say no to going to the bar when you could be doing loads of laundry. I fail at this one still working on it. Say no to being on my phone more. Say no to going to town 7 days a week.

phase 2: learn what saying no does

I have been saying no for close to 3 weeks now. No to things that I don’t want to do because I’m EXHAUSTED. Mentally, emotionally and physically.


Say no to extra shifts at the bar and this was huge because I love working at the bar, I love the people, I love not being hung over after a night a the bar even though you feel a little hungover because you just ran your butt off for 8 hours after your 8 hour shift at work work.

I have got to spend more time with Keaton just spending time with each other you know before one day kids come into the picture! I get to enjoy his company more and I LOVE spending time with him.

I have even made more time with friends. I don’t have to be to the bar right after work so I can go have a beer quick and go home. I get to go to Church with Britt on Sundays ! Which I look forward to now!

I HAVE MORE TIME TO GO TO CHURCH. I was sooooo EXHAUSTED come Sunday that I would try to sleep to make up for all the sleep I wasn’t getting during the week!

I have more ambition at WORK WORK! The change in weather has help tremendously as well. I have completed more “GOALS” for work in the month of March then I have in the first 2 months.

HURTS MY HEART to say no. I am such a yes person even if I don’t have time I will tell someone I will do something for them and compromise the things I need to get done in my own life. I hate leaving people in the dust, short handed or letting them struggle.

phase 3: limit phone time

MY BIGGEST DOWN FALL. I am on my phone too DAMN much…. Keaton will agree and he will tell you. Luckily I have an iPhone and for those of you that don’t know you can put limits on apps….

You can track how many times you pick up your phone, how much time you spend on each app. How many notifications you get per day. Well this came in handy because when I can see on paper the FACTS my brain will get it, finally.

FINALLY I GET IT …. I get that being on my phone is taking over my life. I have a problem. I have found that problem and I have pinched it in the butt.

I have limits on apps. When it goes off I sometimes hesitate to put it down. But most of the time I do. I am working on self discipline because I suck at that too…


phase 4: move towards goal number 2

Do more activities. This last year I worked myself to pure exhaustion. It showed in my work, it showed in my relationships and it showed in my fun time. I didn’t get to be outside much in the summer. I didn’t get to hang with friends. I had so much FOMO that it was hard. I was working 2 jobs, planning a wedding and trying to do every day life things and it was a JUGGLING ACT. I pulled through but now I need to focus on ME. I need to focus on my relationships because time on Earth isn’t guaranteed.

So with all of that being said… I encourage you to be PRESENT. Say no to things you don’t have time for. Put you and your Family first. Put down the phone and live in the moment. My heart is filled full when I am present. I want your heart to be full as well!

Much love from PRESENT SCHMIDT!

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