Blog it!

Blogging each week the month of April! So Be ready! Got some fun topics that I hope gets the conversation started!

Why did I start blogging? Well I feel like weird and random things happened to me and my life is anything but BORING and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But I thought that I would share my random experiences. But then it turned into Brooke’s brain explosion on to “paper” for everyone to read her awesome English, run on sentences and things that you probably never have thought of because you’re normal. BUT here we are. Hope you are enjoying thus far.

Also want to bring you quality so I think in the line up I have about 12 topics that I want to get to eventually. I also have some that I from last August! So if that says anything here we are!

PS going to shoot for Monday for a blog to come out so I have all weekend to look over it and get it to you guys with a lot of love in each blog!


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