We are going to rewind so you guys understand where my thoughts are when it comes to my goals. But you also have to understand my mind and thought process and that isn’t easy because I don’t understand it and it’s ALL over the place. I want to organize my thoughts but I don’t know how to. There are so many things running through my head sometimes I feel like I’m going mad…. LIKE CRAZY.

Grab a drank and a snack because this one is going to be a mini novel.

Someone told me you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know the why.

PONDER THAT ONE! Think of all the things you think are going bad in your life or even good. WHY are they going bad/ good, WHY is it bothering you, WHY can’t it be fixed, WHY can’t I do this all the time.

Think of a Goal for this Blog that you put in place for your New Year and I want to see if this process works for you too. Got the goal…. okay now move on.


WHY am I tired all the time, WHY can’t I make money to get out of debt, WHY am I sad all the time, WHY do I feel like I’m disconnected from FRIENDS & FAMILY. WHY don’t I feel pretty like I should. WHY do I feel like I’m running in a never ending circle. WHY can’t I enjoy the things I used to. WHY can’t I exercise like I used to. WHY am I not going to Church. (don’t say you aren’t making it a priority, I’ll get there)

SO… with all my free time I don’t have I researched when and why. So when will I start all my Goals? Currently reading THE book called “WHEN” by Daniel H. Pink. Check it out. But in this book it’s the Scientific secret to perfect timing. But I have learned in the past that there is NO book that will walk you through life and give you all the answers. But there are books that will guide you and that’s the best we can do. If you like geeky information like me and want to know statistics and fun facts go check it out.

All my goals had to start with WHY. So my first goal was WHY do I feel the way I do. WHY can’t I be productive. WHY can’t I seem to get my mind and body to agree

But then comes the question of WHEN… When is a good time to start? When is a good time to fix the problem. What if it’s the wrong time. When do I fix the problems. When do I start the process to figure out the why. When will my new years resolutions pay off.

In the book When it says that most resolutions start at the begging of something. Either at the start of the Year, Month, Week or Day. But what if we started something on a Wednesday in the middle of the week why can’t we start a goal right when we think of it.
When did you start this goal that I had you think of when you started reading.. Was it in the middle of the month when you started it?
With me this never works I never can think of a goal and start it because I have to know all the details to the goal. But Why can’t I start a new goal in March. I CAN … why because when we say at the begging of the year. I am going to eat healthy… most people fail. WHY you ask because the goal is for 365 days a year so when we are day 5 of 365 we feel like the goal isn’t REACHABLE we can’t see the end result because most people’s brains don’t think this way. We are a world of instant gratification. GUILTY.

We have to be productive and your productivity is different then mine. My productivity falls in a different time in the day then yours. Take this test and find out what patterns you do on the daily.

http://www.cet-surveys.com/index.php this link will help you learn more about yourself then you did when you started reading this not so mini novel anymore.

When can you reach your Goal in the begging of the blog if you don’t know when you are most productive.

Now the the process of setting a goal up is MUCH MUCH MUCH more complicated. Now we need to know why we are setting that goal, when do we set that goal and now it needs to be a short term goal (30 days). Now when do I set goals… are you ready? It’s wild but I’ll tell you… in the middle of the month. WHY because I can foresee the near future by a calendar I can see how busy I will be and when to schedule things and when. I can see the past. What I have accomplished to get to that goal the last month. Now I make the goal for the overall month. So lets say March is too actually finish my book WHEN. I gave my self the whole month to do so but life happened and the Saturday I set aside for it I took a nap instead. Worth it. I will set the goal for the next month and each week on Monday I will write on a piece of paper and stick it in my wallet of daily goals to reach me to that goal so I always stay on track. I always can at least accomplish one thing a day and I feel motivated to do more.

I don’t have a goal for May written out because I am focused on April. I want April to be successful and if I focus my energy in May I will fail. Why because it’s beyond 30 days or that next month. In the middle of April I will plan for May. SO SLOW DOWN. I have accomplished a lot since doing a complicated approach to a Goal. I’m INVESTED in the Goal. My goals overlap. I have to complete part of one goal to get to the next goal.

So my goals in the short term are working to my overall GENERALIZED long term goal that I keep in the back of my mind but now I have many little hurdles to jump before I get to that BIG hurdle.


WHY are you starting the goal, When will you start the goal, is the the goal visible, can you focus on that goal to get you to the BIGGER Goal.

So mini steps to being more productive is to get off of social media you put timers on stuff. List off little goals for the WEEK that can get done. By the end of April I want to look back and say wow I got all of that accomplished and I will be able to move forward and get more things accomplished.

Set them GOALS friends and CRUSH EM!

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