Small Town Feel

If you know me you know that I LOVE to craft. I love to use my wild imagination. I LOVE to put a thought and make it come to life. So from the start of getting engaged and married in a short amount of time and then the day we picked to get married was kind of in the middle of a crafty person’s busy season. So my dreams of owning my own business with my awesome business partner/ friend Megan!

Then working part time at the bar left no room for creativity or free time to do ALL of my fun projects.

After talking with Keaton and accomplishing some personal goals early in the Year! I have decided to stop the bar to pursue the dream we had when we started Small Town Feel working for ourselves and being able to channel our creativity and share with friends and family.

Our “Small Town” roots run deep and I love walking into someone’s house and the decorations make me feel at home/ welcomed! I want that in everyone’s home. Megan and I love to create and be creative! So if you want to check out or work we are on
instagram: smalltownfeelnebraska
etsy: http://www.etsy/shop/SmallTownFeelNE

SHOW US SOME LOVE! Like things so I know what I should keep creating! We can customize anything! I love making one of a kind pieces for your home!

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