Frugal Living 2019

What does it mean to me to becoming frugal.

Google tells us that frugal is
“sparing or economical with regard to money or food.”

How does one become frugal?

Limiting Waste. We waste SOOOO much. Waste money, waste food, waste time. WASTE NO MORE. I want to waste less money on buying things I cant enjoy. Buying things I am not going to use. Wasting time on things that won’t matter to me 1 year from now.

Things I will start doing:

Garden. I am going to be spending one month grocery budget on my garden. I think I have it mapped out to be living off my garden and having food from there for 3 months grocery budget… WHAT!? You heard it! So I will be canning a freezing most of the produce that I get from the garden.

Freezer Meals. I have been watching Youtube while I am cooking dinner. That or the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Don’t ask.
With Freezer meals I will be planning meals out for the month and then I won’t be cooking every night I will cook 2 nights out of the week. That’s 8 days I am cooking and cleaning the kitchen. There will be one night in the summer for grilling and the rest will be freezer meals so I can be present. I will be setting aside 4 hours to meal prep for the whole month. SO EXCITED to not have to cook every night!
The Youtuber’s I watch when it comes to this is Kimmy channel is: She’s In Her Apron she is FABULOUS. I just love her positive outlook and realness! The next one is: Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table she is a freezer meal pro! She is a mom of 8! She can crack out so many meals in 4 hours and then she can live her life and be present which is my goal!

Spending freeze. Pick 1 week in the month can start on a Sunday or a Tuesday and it will last 7 days where I don’t spend money. I can get $20 worth of groceries & gas but I can not spend money on going out for lunch or coffee. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED how much money you save by not spending any money for that week.

Limit Stuff. Only have things in your house you need. So I started this process a while ago. You can go back in blogs to see where I was organizing. I went from 2 closets and 2 dressers to 1 closet and half a dresser. 4 bags of clothes gone! I have moved on to organizing my kitchen with the help of Britt! We got that bad boy cleaned. Pantries organized so I know what I have and what I don’t. This is going to help me with avoiding buying things I don’t need.

Also, if I am going to be buying something it needs to be good quality so I do not have to buy another one the next month. Also you can only wear so many clothes at one time. You can only have so many dirty dishes before you cry.

Time. Spend time more wisely. I am a big waster of time. I will be frugal with my time. Limit screen time because I can be out living life not living life through apps!!!

In the long run I plan to be in a better mental state. Be present with those around me. Save money so I can save and afford the things I need. Let me know tips or things that you guys have tried or currently trying. I would love to know!!!!

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