Busy as a B

LIFE Y’ALL… it’s fabulous over in Schmidtville. I’ll give you an update. But then let’s talk life.

Keaton & I are expecting… WHICH is so cool and that’s been a blog in the making LET me TELL you! So be ready for that blog.

My sister gets married to her best friend of 10 years on the 26th! So that’s gunna be a GOOD TIME!

I went a whole year with the same cell phone. That’s a record.

In 15 days I read 3 books & finished the book I said I was going to finish in my last blog. SOOO now I am caught up to my goal of a book a month!

Keaton’s sister Brook and her husband and kids are moving! So we got to spend a short week & a half with them. It was so nice to have them home. Sad to see them go but they are State side so that will be nice to hopefully go visit!!!!! I really want to go before baby comes. But the kids are growing and we got to take Family pictures on the Schmidt side. Those will be a nice memory to have!

The power steering went out in my pick up so Keaton is driving it and I’m driving his and then he hit a deer in my pick up. That’s a fun text to wake up to. “I hit a deer”. He is okay and that’s all that matters to me!


Y’all life is soooo soo busy. Between work, home life, weddings (all the fun things that come with wedding), summer activities, sand volleyball, birthdays, anniversaries. It’s just wild! Taking it week by week and my days/weeks/months are booked up until this baby gets here!

With life being so busy it’s hard to forget somethings. That you won’t always get to see your friends and that sucks. But you have to remember that your friend’s life are just as busy as yours. Maybe right now it’s hard for them to juggle everything. Take a step back and ask them if they need help with something or if they are doing okay. Maybe they need more alone time or time with their significant other. Just give them a break. If you are going through something and you need them. Flat out tell them that you need them there for you. NO ONE IS A MIND READER! So if you are clear to a point and you’re going through something just let a friend know. If they are your friend they will be there for you.

Here is the thing about relationships. THEY ARE HARD If you have a standard or a idea of how your relationship is going to go here’s what happens:
1. It’s never going to go the way you want.
2. The other person in that relationship doesn’t know this “IDEA” so how the heck are they supposed to give you your idea of this relationship if they have NO clue about your unrealistic expectations of a human.
3. NO ONE can read your mind. So if you are upset at life for what ever reason. TELL THE PERSON.
4. A problem can NOT be solved if the other person doesn’t even know there is a problem.
5. C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.E.
Relationships are hard no matter what, don’t make them harder because you’re on your high horse. TALK IT OUT.

Life is FAST. Life is SHORT. Spend the moments ENJOYING life. Spend the moments with friends and family. Spend your time in the moment. STOP fighting people about their opinions that will never change. DO what is BEST for YOU. Accept friendships that won’t work. EMBRACE the friendships that do. Ever remember fights that you had with someone else 5 years ago… NO no you don’t and if you do. STOP BEING NEGATIVE. ENJOY FRICKEN LIFE ….

Be Busy, Be Greatful & SCHMIDT HAPPENS.

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