Small Town Feel

Small Town Feel a company started from 2 coworkers who wanted to channel their creativity to bring a Small Town Feel into homes across America!

Blog it!

Blogging each week the month of April! So Be ready! Got some fun topics that I hope gets the conversation started! Why did I start blogging? Well I feel like weird and random things happened to me and my life is anything but BORING and I wouldn't change it for the world. But I thought... Continue Reading →


We are going to rewind so you guys understand where my thoughts are when it comes to my goals. But you also have to understand my mind and thought process and that isn't easy because I don't understand it and it's ALL over the place. I want to organize my thoughts but I don't know... Continue Reading →

it’s been a Hot Minute

It's been 7 months since I have blogged. I MISSED YOU GUYS! This is going to take more then 1 blog. More then 2. Buckle in because April it's going to be SHOWERING with blogs. (well that's a goal, now it's public so hold me to it!) First off the last I blogged about was... Continue Reading →


WARNING this is a long one but if you want motivation and you want to make changes in your little world, READ THIS. I promise you if you take one thing away from this post I will be SO happy and want to motivate you to do better and live better! So just read... while... Continue Reading →

Update on Downsizing

Minimizing has commenced and I set goals and I want to CRUSH them! In hopes of motivating you to declutter so you are stress free (less stressed in some cases, mine) and can be able to live more with less! I started with my phone! It's in my hand and it's a goal I could... Continue Reading →


When I was little and my parents told me, Jen and I were going to Grandpa and Grandmas.... I would back a suitcase. You read that right. I would put the toys I thought I was going to need (even though grandma and grandpa's had all the toys we would need) clothes and any off... Continue Reading →

Too Happy 2 Give a Schmidt

There is so many ways I wanted to start this post, but honestly there are no words or quotes to explain how I feel about Keaton. 2 whole years.... let me tell you how fast these years have gone!!! The best 2 years of my life! I have been blessed with Keaton! (#BlessedforKeaton) He makes... Continue Reading →

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