When I was little and my parents told me, Jen and I were going to Grandpa and Grandmas.... I would back a suitcase. You read that right. I would put the toys I thought I was going to need (even though grandma and grandpa's had all the toys we would need) clothes and any off... Continue Reading →

Too Happy 2 Give a Schmidt

There is so many ways I wanted to start this post, but honestly there are no words or quotes to explain how I feel about Keaton. 2 whole years.... let me tell you how fast these years have gone!!! The best 2 years of my life! I have been blessed with Keaton! (#BlessedforKeaton) He makes... Continue Reading →

A Photographer

Is someone more then a person who stand behind the camera, hits the button and edits your photos! Our photographer and I'm so blessed to have choose her, to have her accept the change of day because the second we got engaged I started booking people who I have been looking at for a while!... Continue Reading →

Summer as an Adult

Over this past weekend I have thought to myself as I look at my fully booked calendar, I just want a weekend off next month to enjoy summer! As a kid we got to just enjoy Summer all day everyday Monday through Sunday! Watch Wheel of Fortune with Bob Barker! but most of all going... Continue Reading →


I'm at the tire shop right now, dropped Roper off at the beauty parlor! They are 3 short staffed at the tire shop but my tire needs fixed, so I shall wait! But what I wanted to talk about is shaving our dog! I'm tired of someone telling me not to shave Roper! Imagine having... Continue Reading →


100% is how much you should give every relationship! (Friends, family, pets anything that can hold a relationship) But sometimes we are all SO busy we only can give 20 percent! We are tired, you worked 12 hours for 4 days straight then you put in 60/ 70 hours in the week! You're are EXHAUSTED!... Continue Reading →

Marriage soo young!

GIRL! I just read on FB... not the first time I have seen the post nor the last but hear me out: Everyone has opinions on the age, the pace my relationship has moved and the whole wedding in general! THIS IS WHY I AM MARRYING NOW, WHATS RIGHT FOR ME AND HOW I WILL... Continue Reading →

Engagement Photos Saturday!

We have already taken our save the date photos!!! YES I DID SAVE THE DATE PHOTOS! Why because putting a selfie on our save the dates was NOT going to cut it for me! Save the dates went out 2.5 weeks early because I need to be on top of it before I forget. P.C.... Continue Reading →

First of Many

Thanks for joining me, Here is the blog most of my friends have heard me talk about for over the past year. "Guys I need to start a blog, so that people will feel better about their life because things happen in my life that doesn't happen to anyone else." But this blog will be... Continue Reading →

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